User-assigned tags in Celsus allow similar articles to be grouped. Searching by tags may be done by entering tags in the search box in the navigation pane on the left side of the page.

Tag Guidelines

  1. Tags are created at the time an article is created or may be added or edited later.
  2. Please use tags from the list of established tags below. If you believe there should be a new tag, please contact the Operator so it can be added to the formal list for all to consider using.
  3. To maintain consistency, several categories of tags have been established. Contributors who would like to add tags or suggest changes among tags or categories should contact the Organizer.
  4. When assigning tags to your articles, consider the various facets represented by the tag categories. This is a kind of faceted approach to classification, but it is not formally applied to the whole set of tags. A given article need not have a tag from every category. An article about library gardens, for instance, would not require a tag from the "Library Type" category.
  5. This wiki platform does not recognize capital letters in tags; all words in tags are lower case.
  6. To add, edit, or delete a tag from an existing article:
    • open the article
    • look for the "page" tab in the row of tabs across the top
    • next to it, you'll see a little arrow or triangle, hover over it
    • click on the option "Details and tags" and you'll be able to see the tags
    • click on "edit" to delete, change, or add a tag
    • You can minimize the "Details and tags box" from the article if you don't want to see it by clicking on the small x.
  7. Tags are frequently plural forms of nouns because the term refers to the category (of libraries, for instance) and not a single instance (an article). Some nouns describe functions or activities and should not be expressed as plurals (planning, interior design). Sometimes both could potentially be used, as in library renovations (describing articles about specific renovation projects) and library renovation (describing the process).
  8. The tags are not mutually exclusive. Use all that apply to the article in its entirety.

Tags and their Categories

Categories are listed in bold below and followed by their tags with parenthetical scope notes.

Library Categories (for the purpose of this resource, archives are included under the term "libraries")

  • academic libraries
  • Carnegie libraries
  • children's libraries (includes separate libraries or large departments than can be considered separate units)
  • young adult libraries (includes separate libraries or large departments than can be considered separate units)
  • express libraries
  • government libraries (including libraries of legislative, executive, or administrative branches, state libraries, government agency libraries, but not national libraries or their equivalents)
  • law libraries
  • mobile libraries (includes bookmobiles)
  • multi-type libraries (for institutions that serve more than one constituency, including public/school, public/academic, or other combinations within one institution)
  • museum libraries
  • national libraries (or their equivalents)
  • presidential libraries
  • private libraries (including those associated with individuals, but not research libraries that aren’t open to the public, which would be listed under “research libraries”)
  • public libraries
  • research libraries (including those not affiliated with academic or public libraries; not including national libraries or their equivalents)
  • school libraries
  • special libraries (including libraries or information centers in corporations, trade associations, and similar settings)

Project Types

  • building additions
  • landscaping
  • learning commons
  • remodel (large-scale changes that include structural changes and some updates or replacement of infrastructure systems like plumbing, HVAC, or electrical)
  • renovation
  • original construction
  • under construction
  • re-purposed buildings (including older buildings or parts that have been re-purposed for library use)
  • mixed-use buildings (including those that house libraries along with other entities such as apartments, condos, retail stores, etc.)

Geographic Locations

Use established name forms; if there is doubt, use the place name form from the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names. Use English versions of place names; if it is not a well-known place, then include the original language in parentheses)
  • libraries in [city name], [US state name or Canadian province name] (for locations in the US or Canada)
  • libraries in [city name], [country name, if other than the US or Canada] (for locations in other countries)
  • libraries in [US state name or Canadian province name]
  • libraries in [country name]

Historical Periods

Periods are defined by date of project completion.
  • libraries before 800 CE (Christian Era or Common Era)
  • libraries 800-1299
  • libraries 1300-1449
  • libraries 1450-1849
  • libraries 1850-1899
  • libraries 1900s
  • libraries 1910s
  • [etc., by decade through the present]

Subject Tags (processes, features, and other topics)

  • a.d.a. compliance
  • architects
  • building standards
  • contractors
  • exteriors
  • funding
  • gardens
  • grants
  • green construction
  • green renovation
  • historic designation
  • interior design
  • landscape architecture
  • lighting
  • planning
  • roofs

SOIS Course Assignment Tags

These tags are associated with articles completed as assignments for the Library Architecture course at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, School of Information Studies (SOIS). The format: SOIS-term-year-assignment# ("SOIS" followed by the term (sp, su, fa, or wi), and assignment number (1-6).
  • sois-sp-2014-3 (the 3rd assignment of the spring, 2014, section of the SOIS course)
  • when finished with an article, add a "grademe" tag (one word, no quotations), to indicate that an article exists and is ready to be graded.

Tag Cloud

The following is a representation of the current tags in use, with the larger ones being the most frequently applied. Hover the cursor to see how many articles use a given tag. Click to get a list of articles using that tag.
  1. China
  2. LEED
  3. National Register of Historic Places
  4. Prairie School
  5. Wisconsin
  6. academic libraries
  7. ada compliance
  8. architects
  9. architecture
  10. building additions
  11. building standards
  12. carnegie libraries
  13. children's libraries
  14. contractors
  15. exteriors
  16. funding
  17. gardens
  18. grademe
  19. grants
  20. green construction
  21. green libraries
  22. green renovation
  23. historic designation
  24. historic renovation
  25. historical
  26. interior design
  27. landscaping
  28. law libraries
  29. learning commons
  30. libraries
  31. libraries 1450-1849
  32. libraries 1850-1899
  33. libraries 1900s
  34. libraries 1920s
  35. libraries 1930s
  36. libraries 1950s
  37. libraries 1960s
  38. libraries 1990s
  39. libraries 2000s
  40. libraries 2010
  41. libraries 2010s
  42. libraries in Washington
  43. libraries in arizona
  44. libraries in baltimore md
  45. libraries in california
  46. libraries in canada
  47. libraries in chicago, il
  48. libraries in illinois
  49. libraries in indiana
  50. libraries in manitoba
  51. libraries in massachusetts
  52. libraries in michigan
  53. libraries in milwaukee wi
  54. libraries in milwaukee, wi
  55. libraries in minnesota
  56. libraries in new york
  57. libraries in ohio
  58. libraries in usa
  59. libraries in winnipeg
  60. libraries in wisconsin
  61. library remodeling
  62. library renovations
  63. lighting
  64. major renovations
  65. minor renovations
  66. mixed-use buildings
  67. museum libraries
  68. national libraries
  69. new construction
  70. original construction
  71. planning
  72. presidential libraries
  73. private libraries
  74. public libraries
  75. re-purposement
  76. remodel
  77. renovation
  78. repurposed buildings
  79. research libraries
  80. school libraries
  81. sois-sp-2010-1
  82. sois-sp-2010-2
  83. sois-sp-2010-3
  84. sois-sp-2010-4
  85. sois-sp-2010-5
  86. sois-sp-2010-6
  87. sois-sp-2012-1
  88. sois-sp-2012-2
  89. sois-sp-2012-3
  90. sois-sp-2012-4
  91. sois-sp-2012-5
  92. sois-sp-2014-1
  93. sois-sp-2014-2
  94. sois-sp-2014-3
  95. sois-sp-2014-4
  96. sois-sp-2014-5
  97. sois-sp-2014-6
  98. special libraries
  99. teens
  100. under construction