Creating an Article

Click on "New Page" in the upper portion of the left navigation bar. For articles about library buildings or renovations, choose the "Library article template" from the template menu. The standard sections as outlined below are included in the template. Follow guidelines here as well as those outlined for tags and images, all listed in the left navigation bar.


The language for content and titles in Celsus is English. If an article about a library or other topic includes proper names of libraries or locations, they should be expressed in English. If it seems reasonable to distinguish a location or library from potential others, indicate the name in its original language in parentheses.
If a library or university is known by an abbreviation, place the abbreviation in parentheses after the first occurrence of the name in the text when it first appears. Subsequent uses can employ the abbreviation. Do not use abbreviations or establish them in article titles.

Headings and Fonts

For most paragraph and bulleted texts, use the "Normal" style from the editing bar at the top of the page currently being edited. The standard heading choice for article Elements (see below) is "Heading 2."
The default font is Arial. If you cut and paste text from another resource, please convert it to Arial using the "Color and Style" menu accessible immediately to the right of the "U" (underline) icon in the editing bar.

Article Titles

Titles of articles about libraries should be expressed in this order (with punctuation): A, B, C (D) with
  • A = Formal library name
  • B = Formal name of parent institution (if applicable)
  • C = Location (Racine, Wisconsin; Paris, France)
  • D = Project type, according to this list:
    • building = new construction of an entire building
    • addition = new construction of an addition
    • renovation = major improvements
    • remodel = minor improvements, including those that are mainly cosmetic
    • repurpose = renovation of a space that was formerly not a library
Example: The John Crerar Library, The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (building)
Titles of articles about other subjects:
  • Articles about people: Firstname Lastname
  • Articles about subjects: Subject name (use WP for examples and to model formats and order)


The tone of the articles in Celsus should be encylopedic. Largely documented from secondary sources, articles may also introduce primary source material from unique documents, from interviews with key personnel, archival, and other primary sources. There should be an attempt to have a neutral point of view (POV). Value judgments should be supported by reviews or other sources, including evidence of popular reception found in newspaper articles or other sources.

Introductory paragraphs

Opening paragraphs should efficiently summarize article contents and should provide links to more general articles about related libraries and themes. No heading should be used for introductory paragraphs.

Articles about library building or renovation projects

  • After the introductory paragraphs, subsequent content should be expressed in prose paragraphs under the "elements" described below and should relate exclusively to the building or renovation project or article topic. Except for general information that would be appropriate for the initial paragraph or a section about the background of the project, details that do not relate specifically to the project (names of library staff, hours, collection descriptions – unless related to space planning or design, and so on) should not be included. Much of this kind of information is available from library websites and is beyond the scope of this wiki.
  • Background paragraphs should briefly describe the nature of the institution and the impetus behind the construction or renovation project.
  • Links may be listed among other elements (see below) or embedded within the text, in which case they may link to other sections of this wiki or anywhere else.
  • Elements in articles about building and renovation projects should be included in the following order (the element labels are indicated below in bold. In the articles, elements should be indicated by the use of "Heading 2" on the editing bar with the rest of the text being "Normal." Additional elements may be included upon consultation with the Operator. If there is no information for one of the elements, it should be omitted. Element headings (using the "Heading 2" format) are automatically accompanied with appropriate amounts of leading before and after; there is no need to add blank lines before and after element headings. The default content within an Element may include "Normal" text or bulleted/numbered lists, although whenever possible, please use prose for descriptions.
    • Initial paragraph (no element label)
    • Background: includes a brief description of the library, a project introduction and description, and a summary of the needs that led to the project
    • Timeline: a summary of a timeline. Links or referrals to more detailed timelines may be provided.
    • Project description: a description of the project, including references to the planning process, all components of the project from conception to completion and evaluation, including references or links to plans, materials, the construction process, environmental considerations, and so on. Because projects vary so much, the specific order of elements within this section are not predetermined.
    • Architect: brief information about the architect, firm, including a description of other projects. If a contractor or other related enterprise or individual is relevant, provide the listing and adapt the element name as appropriate.
    • Funding: a summary of major funding sources and amounts. Links or referrals to more detailed coverage may be provided.
    • Contact Information: a summary of contact
      • Institution Name
      • Address
      • Phone
      • Website URL for institution
      • Website URL for project
      • Contact name (if known, include a contact name of the person closest to the building or renovation project, otherwise provide the name of the institution director)
      • If included, contact information about architects, contractors, and other external participants may be listed after the primary institution according to the same model
    • Links: Links that are included in this element should be preceded by annotations that briefly identify and describe the resource. If you supply the URL to a library, don’t also include it in the list of links.
    • References: Cite sources according to the guidelines supplied by Wikipedia ( Note that this wiki does allow primary research, which broadens the range of materials. Parenthetical referencing is encouraged, also according to Wikipedia guidelines ( If using parenthetical references, please list the sources toward the end of the article under “References” in alphabetical order.
    • Citation Style: For situations not addressed by the WP guidelines, or for more details about parenthetical references, please refer to the most recent edition (6th) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: 2010. There are numerous online summaries of this work, including that from Purdue University:
    • Tags: Tags should be added when the article is created. Currently they are searchable, but unlike those in Wikipedia, they are not visible at the ends of the articles. See Admin - Tags for more details.
    • Images, including photos (no element label), may be placed at the beginning and at appropriate locations throughout the article. Images should be aligned on the right margin, should be no larger than about 1/3 of the screen width and will be square. The wiki allows only square images which means that rectangles may have to be cropped square before uploading. Otherwise the image may be stretched or compressed. Photos and other images should have a descriptive caption and be accompanied by copyright and permission statements according to the guidelines about images. See Admin - Use of Images for more details.

Articles about issues related to library buildings and renovations

Articles not about specific building or renovation projects should follow the guidelines above, except that not all the Elements will apply.

Orphan articles

This sad designation applies to articles that do not link outward and have no links to it from outside. You can avoid creating orphans by linking outward from your article to library sites, architecture sites, sources of information you cite, Wikipedia, etc., as long as there really is a logical connection. Likewise, and also of high potential value, would be to cite your article, or others here, from external sources. Besides Wikipedia and other general sites, there may be other kinds of sites or resources that would be logical places from which to direct links here.