List of Desired Articles

This page lists possible library building projects, renovations, or thematic topics that merit inclusion in Celsus. Contributors may add to the list or choose to write an article about one listed. The categories are broad: Library Building Projects, Library Renovation Projects, Historical Libraries, Subjects, and Stubs, the latter being articles that have been started but not yet completed.

  • To add a desired article to the list: In edit mode, add the name of the project or subject and enough detail for it to be uniquely identifiable. You may wish to add a link to an institutional webpage or other external link. Place the name of the proposed article in the appropriate category among the others in alphabetical order.
  • To choose an article to write about: In edit mode, make a note in parentheses following the entry to the effect that you have started writing an article. When finished, remove the entire entry from the list.

Library Building Projects (including large additions)

Kazakhstan National Library, Astana, Kazakhstan (building) (related article:
Newberry Library addition and renovations (main building covered here: Newberry Library)
The Thomas Memorial Library additions and renovations (related article: Thomas Mermorial Library

Library Renovation or Remodeling Projects (including small additions)

Historical Libraries

Subjects (Lighting, Parking, etc.)

Concept libraries (libraries that were proposed but never built)
Fire prevention and control
Imaginary or fictional libraries (focusing on their physical characteristics)
Library acoustics
The Library as place
Library design competitions
Library security;
Mobile libraries (but not bookmobiles);
Rooftop gardens

Stubs (articles that have been started but not yet completed)


Will Bruder--has designed at least nine award-winning sustainable libraries (