Celsus: A Library Architecture Resource
Library of Celsus, Ephesus, Turkey; obtained from Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.

This site is named after the Library of Celsus, which was built in Ephesus, in what is now Turkey, as a tribute to Tiberius Julius Celsus by his son. Completed in about 135 CE, the library is said to have contained more than 12,000 papyrus scrolls and codexes and was constructed with special innovations that were designed to preserve the materials it housed. It has become the iconic structure of the decades-long excavation of ancient Ephesus.


Celsus is a moderated collaborative wiki that includes articles related to the design, construction, and renovation of libraries.


Celsus includes articles about library design, construction, renovation, and
remodeling of all types of libraries, historical and existing, worldwide, as well as
coverage of topics related to library building and renovation. The articles vary in length
The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark, lobby.

and are intended as examples that guide those involved in library building or renovation project rather than as exhaustive treatments of the projects. Illustrative literature and contact information are provided for those who desire more detailed information.


This site may be of use to librarians, architects, or students who want to learn about the physical aspects of libraries and similar institutions, including their design, construction, and renovation. When available, contact information for lead personnel involved with the processes is provided in the articles about specific building or renovation projects.


Celsus was established within a new course about library buildings at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, School of Information Studies in the Spring of 2010. Initial contributors include students from the course but additional contributors are welcome, particularly librarians, architects, and others closely involved with library building and renovation projects. The wiki is moderated and new contributors should seek membership from the editor, Tom Walker (twalker@uwm.edu), the SOIS faculty member who created the wiki and teaches the library architecture course.

Growth of Celsus

Like other collaborative platforms, Celsus is designed to grow in size, complexity, comprehensiveness, and accuracy as more contribute to it. The articles, even those about historic institutions, are not designed to be static, but rather to be amended when contributors are so motivated.

Celsus Blog

A related blog has been created (Celsus Review: Advances in Library Building and Renovation) has been established to report about projects of all kinds. Some of these may be likely candidates for more thorough coverage as articles here. If you have an idea for the blog or wiki, please contact the editor (Tom Walker; twalker@uwm.edu).

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